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Coronavirus Cleaning &

Disinfecting Services

What is Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and how we disinfect it?

With their innovative coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service, our parent company Home Clean Home is leading the way on the front lines of the pandemic in NYC. This service is a game changer for homes and businesses. Together, We are working to stop the infection and flatten the curve of the virus. While everyone is doing their duty to prevent the spread of the virus through social distancing, our team of highly trained professionals is working to kill coronavirus germs where they stand.

What is the Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is a new germ that causes flu-like symptoms known as Covid-19. Symptoms of the illness entail a severe fever and dry cough. Extreme difficulty breathing can have traumatic, and sometimes fatal results. People aged 65 years and above currently compose 80% of deaths resulting from the coronavirus, the CDC has advised. 31% of the afflicted, 45% of coronavirus hospital patients,  and 53% of people admitted into ICU are among these ages as well. The elderly population has the highest health risk. The coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service that we conduct uses techniques to eradicate the coronavirus on the spot, and protect homes and businesses going forward.

Why choose us

Coronavirus can last for up to 72 hours on a surface, according to recent studies. Social distancing is important, but there are still times where we must leave the house and encounter others. Disinfecting regularly protects the masses from coronavirus germs potentially infesting grocery stores, nursing homes, and other businesses that offer essential services.  Our techniques can help protect you now, and continue to protect you for several weeks after the service. We applied nearly 30 decades of experience to create a disinfecting method that involves the application of a powerful biocide with effects lasting for weeks. The 3 Step Process we pioneered combats coronavirus pathogens lurking on surfaces, and offers constant antimicrobial protection for the future.

The 3 Step Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

Step 1: We will soak all surfaces in a powerful disinfectant, including counter space, tables, and appliances.  The treatment will last for several minutes in order to guarantee the coronavirus has been removed from the surface.


Step 2: The treated area will be wiped clean and air dried in order to prevent lint and dust from sticking to it and creating an unwanted layer of microfibers.


Step 3: We apply an anti-microbial product that bonds to surfaces with an invisible shield and provides continuous protection for weeks.

What to Disinfect

Our coronavirus disinfecting service is highly detailed, shielding businesses and homes from the illness-causing germs at every turn. We clean and disinfect touch point surfaces including:


  • Door knobs, and lightswitches

  • Mailboxes, elevator buttons, and intercom buttons

  • Desks, chairs, and conference room tables 

  • Faucets, toilet seats, and bathroom mirrors

  • Safety rails, grab bars, and bannisters 

  • Countertops, sinks, and appliances

  • Tablets, televisions, and computers

Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting Service Area

We have been the leading cleaning and disinfecting services in Brooklyn for almost 30 years. Our coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service is perfect for schools, nursing homes, office buildings, and homes. Services are provided to New York City, New York State, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Get to know how we work

We use special products and equipments to perform the disinfection, watch the video bellow to see how we work:

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